ZyXEL Green Products

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As a green company, ZyXEL presents a complete series of eco-friendly products, including DSL CPE, Wireless Routers, Access Points and USB adapters, Wired LAN Adapters, Network Storage Appliances, Switches, and Unified Security Gateways. Integrated with rich green features, ZyXEL energy-saving products decrease power consumption to help customers to reduce energy cost and to enhance usability.


With the general principles and actions resulting from the implementation of CoC, the ZyXEL products bring users benefits of saving on power consumption.

Wireless Scheduling

In order to save power and reduce wireless radiation when the wireless network is not in use , ZyXEL' s Wi-Fi device can be configured to turn on or off automatically according to user's wireless usage patterns..

Wireless Output Management

With the wireless output controlling capability, the ZyXEL series makes it easy to adjust the output power for whole-home wireless coverage according to actual needs. The feature eliminates unnecessary power consumption and reduces interference caused by neighboring access points within an area of high-density wireless deployment.

ZyXEL wireless USB adapter, featured with wireless auto-adjustment and power-saving mode, brings you not only a plug-and-play wireless solution but also a smart way to save energy. Without complicated setup, ZyXEL wireless USB adapter can automatically adjust wireless output power by detecting the distance from the device to the wireless access point. If the PC equipped with wireless USB adapter is close to the wireless access point, it will lower the output power to reduce power consumption. When there is no transmission traffic, the wireless USB adapter will enter the power-saving mode to save electricity.

Wireless On/Off Switch & Power On/Off Switch

The users can easily control wireless access and save energy with the wireless on/off switch on the rear panel of the ZyXEL routers to toggle the wireless access in just seconds. In addition, the power on/off switch makes it easier for you to save energy in just seconds.

Power On/Off Scheduling

The power on/off scheduling can automatically perform power management tasks according to specific date/time settings for better power efficiency. Based on the user’s usage patterns, this function can automatically turn on or off the device to conserve power and operating costs.

Smart Fan

With ZyXEL’s smart fan technology, the device can run at slower speeds to reduce power consumption when the system temperature is low.

HD Hibernation

With the advanced hibernation support, the internal hard disks can automatically spin down when there is no data transmission request within a period of time.

Power-Saving Mode

The power-saving mode is to reduce power consumption when the Ethernet links become inactive.

Detect Inactive Link

With power usage adjustment by link status , device automatically reduces power usage when any shut down network device or inactive link is detected; in other words, power consumption of the series can be adjusted according to the number of active network devices.

Intelligent PoE

The Intelligent PoE technology allows power to be supplied over the same Ethernet cable, and thus eliminates the need for costly electrical wirings. It not only supports the PoE switches provide the power the devices actually needed with auto-detection capability to reduce the power consumption but also increases the potential amount of connected power devices.

Wake on Demand

Automatically reduce power usage by bringing the ZyXEL device out of power-saving mode only when there's network activity such as Internet access or an Internet call.

Wake on LAN

Allows a computer on the LAN to be powered on or waken up remotely by a network packet.

Detect Cable Length

The device equipped with this green feature can automatically detect the length of connected Ethernet cables and adjust power usage accordingly. The shorter the cable length, the less power it consumes.