Events and Promotions

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2017 5G World Event - Making Great User Experiences a Reality

Date : June 13, 2017 ~ June 15, 2017 Place : 5G216 Hall5, ExCel Centre, London URL : Description : 5G World 2017, here we come! Zyxel provides a series of LTE products for service providers designed to improve user experiences.

We welcome you to explore Zyxel's 4G LTE offerings and join us to find out how we make great user experiences a reality!

Defend Your Data from Ransomware Attack

Date : May 02, 2017 URL : Description : Ransomware is a category of malicious software, or malware, that locks users out of their systems unless they pay a ransom to the attacker.

Meet Your Networking Ally

Date : February 27, 2017 ~ March 02, 2017 Place : Barcelona, Spain URL : Description : At this year's Mobile World Congress, we're inviting you to join us and explore a comprehensive range of solutions.

Join Zyxel at BBWF and achieve Wi-Fi excellence

Date : October 18, 2016 ~ October 20, 2016 Place : ExCel Centre, London URL : Description : At BBWF 2016, Zyxel demonstrates how Service Provider can bring Wi-Fi Excellence to end users with fast and seamless connectivity.

Fortify Your Network Defenses

Date : August 15, 2016 URL : Description : When you take advantage of our Secure Upgrade, you'll be protecting your organization from the latest threats in real time, while simultaneously ensuring the stability of your network. Find out more about our leading technology and upgrade your network defenses.

2016 5G World Event - Simplify, Mobilize, and Maximize your LTE services

Date : June 29, 2016 ~ June 30, 2016 Place : Olympia London URL : Description : A fast-changing world, isn't it? People receive and forward comments from laptops connecting to wired internet service and wonder whether friends have received them in time.

Overcoming the ultimate Wi-Fi challenge

Date : June 20, 2016 URL : Description : Report conduct by University of Brescia confirms ZyXEL Smart Antenna technology outperforms other industry leading vendor in co-channel interference environment.

Flexibility, productivity, connectivity

Date : April 20, 2016 URL : Description : More and more businesses are realising the benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE). Supplying both power and data over a single cable, it means powered devices can be installed virtually anywhere – with reduced installation costs, and improved energy management to boot.

MWC 2016 - Creating Exceptional User Experiences. Simplify, Mobilize and Maximize your services

Date : February 22, 2016 ~ February 25, 2016 Place : at the Fira Gran Via, 5G10, Hall 5, Barcelona, Spain
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URL : Description : The rapid development of mobile technology has sparked a radical shift in usage patterns. Mobile networks are now transforming at a rapid pace to mitigate for this step change. The 24/7 mobile connectivity that consumers demand means that networks are now under the greatest pressure they have ever faced.

Broadband World Forum 2015 - Creating Exceptional User Experiences

Date : October 20, 2015 ~ October 22, 2015 Place : ExCel, London, UK, Booth# B80 URL : Description : ZyXEL to Launch its Flagship ONE Connect Solution for 360º View of Home Networks at Broadband World Forum