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In an increasingly competitive marketplace the attraction of new clients and the retention of existing customers is a key. The hospitality solutions from ZyXEL have been designed to grow with business and needs. Wherever Internet access is demanded, ZyXEL has a solution: hotels, restaurants, camping sites, public areas and more.

Broadband Internet Service Anywhere with State-of-the-art Technology

Realize your business potential, maximize customer retention and service levels by embracing the latest technology to deliver internet access with ZyXEL hospitality solutions.

Scaleable Solutions for all Types of Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes a vast array of businesses ranging from hotels, leisure centers, theme parks, conference venues,  sports  stadiums, airports to retail hospitality in the form of bars, restaurants and chains of coffee houses. These  businesses  are  striving  to deliver superior levels of service throughout every part of their organization and to maximize how these additional services can create new revenue streams and provide a competitive edge.  

Customer Satisfaction as a Business Advantage
Offering internet access increases not only the attractiveness of the business and the satisfaction of the guests. It also represents enormous potential for increased revenue and the marketing of special offers and promotions. With ZyXEL hospitality solutions it is especially easy for hospitality operators that wish to invest in their own system. They become independent and can freely integrate this service into business and marketing activities.

From Internet to Triple Play Service
One way to achieve this is to provide broadband internet connectivity services for customers throughout the business. This is the first step as once deployed, broadband can enable other applications such as Voice over IP, Video on Demand and video streaming. These applications are already becoming common place and are being deployed in the more innovative hospitality environments.

Internet Infrastructure:  

  • Flexibility and pricing freedom
  • Integral internet service offerings
  • No running costs or fees
  • Increased attractiveness of business
  • Enhanced service for guests
  • Simple maintenance and operation by personnel
  • Increased marketing potential

What are the Benefits for Hospitality Businesses?

  • Create Customer Loyalty with secure, always-on and easy-to-use connectivity
  • Increase Revenue Opportunities such as in-room or meeting room revenue
  • Increase Occupancy with attractive Internet infrastructure
  • Offer Robust Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve ROI

Hospitality | ZyXEL

The hospitality market faces enormous competition. In an age where visitors or travelers can easily visit Web sites to compare offerings, the services organizations provide to customers must stand out from the competition. To increase customer retention and enhance competitive differentiation, hospitality businesses must create a distinctive customer experience.