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Nebula Commercial Cloud Networking Solution

Cloud computing has redefined the way we do business.

Many businesses have already put their office applications, like email and customer relationship management systems, into the cloud - so why not hardware infrastructure too? There are lots of reasons for this, from reducing costs and expenses to increasing flexibility, scalability, efficiency and redundancy.

Nebula is a Cloud Network Management Solution that brings the benefits of the cloud to your network. The Nebula Control Center (NCC) gives centralized, easy to use, control over all Nebula wired and wireless networking devices from a single pane of glass, from any device. Nebula simplifies your business infrastructure and offers simple, intuitive and scalable management for networks of all sizes.

What is Nebula?

If you are expanding your business, worrying that you don’t have enough IT knowledge or staff, Nebula Cloud Networking and Management Solution offers a comprehensive networking product portfolio with 100% cloud management to eliminate your worries; no matter how scattered your branches are, Nebula lets you access and control all your distributed networks remotely from a single interface.

Why Nebula?

Key Benefits

Easy to deploy

With the Nebula APP, it's really fast and easy to add your device into the Nebula Control Center (NCC). And when the device is plugged in on site, all Nebula devices will auto-connect to the cloud and be ready to be managed. Nebula means it’s never been faster and simpler to build a network.

Anytime, anywhere management

A centralized browser based management interface means the IT Manager can handle all management activity from a single pane of glass. From a PC in the office or a smartphone or tablet out of hours.

One Cloud fits all

Whether you're a small business, looking to grow, or an enterprise spread across multiple sites, Nebula is designed to scale to meet your needs. So whether you're managing one site, or 1000 sites, Nebula will make your life easier.

Simple to manage and monitor

The Nebula Control Center (NCC) is a modern, easy to use, web based interface which is designed to make tasks easier, and provide the most important data for multiple networks all in one place.

Greater peace of mind

Businesses of all sizes need to maximise uptime, and then when things do go wrong, the problems as solved as fast as possible. Because Nebula is hosted in the Cloud, if there's a failure, there are multiple backups and systems in place get you up and running as quickly as possible. Nebula and your network can now be part of your disaster recovery plan.

Simple licensing model

Customers are increasingly looking to pay for solutions annually because this is how they receive their budgets. With Nebula, we're enabling our partners to become service-driven; moving from product and price-led, to solution and services-led.

Nebula Control Center (NCC) Feature Highlights

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive dashboard means you can easily and simply manage your sites, and organizations.

Site-wide Summary Report

Generate summary reports for sites and organisations, showing statistics such as number of connected devices, which devices are being used, and what type of client is connecting.

Map & Floor Plan

Overlay your Nebula devices against Google Maps and building floorplans to get a real-time view of where your devices are, which are deployed, and whether they're working or not.

Automated Topology

Automatically generate a site wide topology to see what device is connected to what, enabling administrators monitor and troubleshoot issues remotely.

Nebula Mobile App

The Nebula Mobile offers a quick approach to network deployments and management, with which you can use the QR code scanner to register a large number of devices on Nebula Control Center (NCC) all at once, and to record devices mounting locations.

Now available for iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.


The Zyxel Nebula Control Center (NCC) automatically adjusts the expiration dates of all licenses to expire on the same date (co-termination date). When an organization purchases additional licenses for hardware, the terms between the existing license and the new license will be adjusted; all the licenses will be re-calculated for the remaining time to terminate on the same date so that each organization will have only one single license renewal date. Please note that the usage of the Zyxel Nebula Service is subject to the terms of License Co-termination.

Every Nebula Security Gateway is pre-bundled with one-year IDP and Application Patrol Nebula Security Service license (NSS-IDP). The NSS-IDP license needs to be purchased on top of the NCC service license; if there are more than one NSG in an organization, the NSS licenses will also be co-terminated but will be separated from the NCC service license.

To reduce upfront operating costs, one-year Nebula Control Center (NCC) service license is bundled with devices. Afterward, users can renew the license with Nebula Points. The points can be shared among different types of devices and models, which reduces the license SKUs and keys and provides simpler license renewal.

Type # of Nebula Points for 1 Yr NCC service
Access Point 30
Switch 35
Gateway 50

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