Award and Recognition

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  1. ZyXEL received the 2009 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Award from Taiwan’s Global View Magazine.
  2. ZyXEL received the 2008 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Award from Taiwan's Global View Magazine.
  3. The “CG Watch 2007” report published by the ACGA and CLSA, ranked ZyXEL as the second best Green Enterprise in Asia and the first best in Taiwan
  4. ZyXEL has been appointed as one of the seven companies to participate in the “Green Project” led by the Department of Industrial Technology, MoEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs).
  5. In 2007, ZyXEL was approved by the Industrial Development Bureau to join the “International Environment Standard and Clean Production Conformity” program to produce and publicize the “Enterprise Environment Safety and Sanitation” and “Baseline Information of Factory Production Sanitation” reports.
  6. Ranked seventh in the “Resource Reuse and Operational Waste Reduction and Recycling” contest in 2006 by Science Park Administration
  7. Winner of the “Green Factory of Hsinchu Science Park” award in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2008.