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LTE Anbieter

LTE Anbieter, Germany

August 17, 2016
ZyXEL LTE4506, a 4G LTE-A HomeSpot Router:

"Those looking for uncompromising performance will feel at ease with this cube."

"Ideal for traveling in a caravan, vacation or weekend, homes and pensions."

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PC För Alla

PC För Alla, Sweden

July 20, 2016
ZyXEL Armor X1, an AC2100 Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Access Point/Range Extender:

"Stylish and discreet. Excellent performance. Easy to install and configure."

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PCtipp, Switzerland

April 15, 2016

ZyXEL NAS326, a 2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage:

"Enjoyed the ability to access to the NAS while on the move, made possible by the ZyXEL Drive app."

"Very simple and quick installation."


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Computer Base

Computer Base, Germany

April 15, 2016

ZyXEL NAS326, a 2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage:

"The new price-speed champion"

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c't Magazine

c't Magazine, Germany

December 14, 2015

LTE mobile router test results from c’t Magazine 25/2015:

“ZyXEL´s brand new WAH7706 with a CAT6-modem is one of the fastest in the test field, supporting 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE CAT6), and dual-band Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) mobile communication. Due to the really excellent throughput and good features this product is one of the top players.”


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December 07, 2015

ZyXEL WAC6500, an 802.11ac Dual Radio Unified Pro Access Point:

“Best-in-class coverage and performance. And an award to prove it.”

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Chip, Germany

November 30, 2015
ZyXEL Armor Z1, an AC2350 Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router:

The data throughputs are very good thanks to the four built-up antennas and equipment with two USB 3.0 ports and many networking features that are extremely valuable.

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chip, Germany

November 11, 2015
Der Zyxel NBG6816 überzeugt mit einem tollen Gesamtbild: Die Datendurchsätze sind dank vier verbauter Antennen sehr gut und die Ausstattung mit zwei USB-3.0-Ports und vielen Netzwerkfunktionen kann sich sehen lassen. 

PCtipp, Switzerland

October 30, 2015

ZyXEL NBG6616, a Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless AC1200 Media Router:

“A good entry-level router with various practical features.”

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Best Taiwan Global Brands 2015

Best Taiwan Global Brands 2015, Taiwan

October 27, 2015
ZyXEL named "Best Taiwan Global Brands" for the 13th consecutive year!