Awards en artikelen

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Hieronder een overzicht van awards en artikelen uit de Benelux.


PCtipp, Switzerland

September 23, 2015
ZyXEL PLA5256, a 1000 Mbps Powerline Pass-Thru 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter:

“A strong, performant and innovative powerline set which can be easily installed.”

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PC Welt

PC Welt, Germany

August 25, 2015
ZyXEL PLA5405, a 1200 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter ranked 3 among 7 products tested:

“Low power consumption and a very good price-performance ratio!”

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Digital Terminal Awards 2015

Digital Terminal Awards 2015, India

July 15, 2015
ZyXEL awarded the “Most Comprehensive 11AC Wireless Solution”.

PCtipp, Switzerland

June 08, 2015
“Perfect for gamers.”

“Easy installation, extraordinary performance - definitely worth buying and ideal for applications that require high data throughput.”

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iXBT, Russia

May 28, 2015
ZyXEL WAC6502D-S, a Smart Antenna Wi-Fi Access Point:

“Proven with an extensive feature set and demonstrated solid wireless performance”

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i3 Gaming

i3 Gaming, Thailand

May 27, 2015

ZyXEL USG60, a Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway:

“Packs a whole lot of features to help you manage your business network comprehensively. A perfect choice for SMB network.”



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The 8th NCN Most Innovative Products Awards

The 8th NCN Most Innovative Products Awards, India

May 20, 2015
ZyXEL named the winner of “Best of the Breed UTM Solution USG Series”


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SC Magazine

SC Magazine, USA

May 11, 2015

ZyXEL USG1900, a Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway:

"Comprehensive UTM firewall that is brilliantly simple to set up."
"Very happy to see that the USG1900 can perform single sign-on for all of its UTM services."

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PCADV, Taiwan

May 03, 2015
ZyXEL WAC6503D-S, a Smart Antenna Wi-Fi Access Point:

“Transmission is very stable even in highly interference-prone environments.”

“Deployment made easy by the ZON utility.”

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EIST Awards

EIST Awards, USA

April 20, 2015
ZyXEL awarded ICSA Labs’ 15-Year Excellence in Information Security Testing (EIST) recognition.

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