Awards en artikelen

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Hieronder een overzicht van awards en artikelen uit de Benelux.

Golden Pin Design Award

Golden Pin Design Award, Taiwan

December 11, 2014

ZyXEL’s LTE Small Cell CPE, LMT3313, earned the 2014 Golden Pin Design Award, the longest-running design award in Taiwan, for its simple and functional design that suits customer needs.

WinMag Pro Magazine

WinMag Pro Magazine, Netherlands

December 04, 2014

ZyXEL’s NAS540, a 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage, earned an 8.5 rating out of 10 and was given the Editor’s Choice award from WinMag Pro Magazine.

“NAS-540 is a product with power to perform lots of applications and provide a large 4 bay storage for home and small office users. The data saved on it are not limited to location of the NAS, as the hybrid cloud serves the files everywhere internet is available."

"As a conclusion this ZyXEL product is a good choice for main stream NAS users as well as smaller companies with demands for an extendable storage server.”

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Amazon, USA

December 02, 2014

ZyXEL’s USG60W/60/40W/40, the Performance Series Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway, earned multiple 5-star ratings from Amazon’s customer reviews.

“Feature rich product with enterprise level features for the price of a small business firewall. Super easy to setup.”

“The USG60 let me go from around 50Mbit sec. to over 100Mbit sec.”

“Complex and powerful, excellent support.”

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SME Channels Connect Awards

SME Channels Connect Awards , India

November 25, 2014

The SME Channels Connect Awards 2014 presented the “Editor’s Choice Award” to ZyXEL One Network Technology, the exclusive winner for this honor, and also recognized ZyXEL as the Largest GPON Solutions product award winner.

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Die Welt

Die Welt, Germany

November 05, 2014

“Die Welt” states that ZyXEL´s NSA325 v2, a 2-Bay Power Plus Media Server, has an excellent price-value ratio and allows users to enjoy features that other vendors provide in higher price segments.

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Amazon, USA

October 31, 2014

ZyXEL's USG60W, a Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway, earned another 5-star rating from Amazon's customer reviews.

"Amazing, very robust way better than other big brands. Buy It." “Very well made and it has options for a lot of network settings”

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Tech Advisor

Tech Advisor, UK

October 24, 2014

ZyXEL’s PLA4201, a 500 Mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter, was selected as one of the 13 best Powerline adapters for 2014.

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Amazon, USA

October 18, 2014

ZyXEL's Dual Radio 11AC Ceiling AP, NWA1123-AC, earned a 5-star rating from Amazon's customer review.

“Great range and they have been rock solid since install.”

“Configuration was very simple. Interface is very robust letting you configure these as needed.”

“I would highly recommend these in small office of home use as range, speed, and no down time are a plus.”

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Hardware.Info, UK

October 13, 2014

A bronze award has been given to ZyXEL’s PLA5205, a 600 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, for offering the best price/performance ratio.

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WINMAG Pro MKB Proof 2014

WINMAG Pro MKB Proof 2014, Netherlands

July 31, 2014

Choosing a solid firewall, security protection and WLAN management device is difficult for small business. ZyXEL USG40 provides an affordable, but total solution including full UTM firewall with built-in WLAN controller. It is a very versatile entry-level network device.

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