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In recent years, increasing mobile devices are brought into public hospitality areas and, more importantly, one person now usually requires multiple connections to the Internet for their laptops/tablets, smart phones or even game consoles.
The changes of connectivity requirements in these places are not to be solved by just adding a few more Wi-Fi access points. Issues like shifting the device management mindset to user-centric access management and tiered-services, optimization and improvement of overall performance, security threats from different devices and new applications all need to be considered and taken seriously.

ZyXEL Hospitality Solutions

  • High-speed, high density wireless access
  • Scalable license-based Wi-Fi AP management for more flexibility
  • Extensive, user-based access management
  • Lower initial investment on equipment procurement
  • Feature consolidation leading to reduced configuration and maintenance effort
  • Non-blocking, high-power PoE switching infrastructure
  • Extensive, user-based access management
  • Next-generation threat protection and application intelligence
  • Resilient WAN performance facilitating a high efficient network
  • ZyXEL One Network experience for minimal effort configuration and deployment
ZyXEL Hospitality Solutions

Why ZyXEL?

  • Over 600,000 hotels worldwide adopt ZyXEL commercial networking solutions
  • A comprehensive scope of core competence in Switching, Wireless LAN and Firewall/UTM from a single vendor
  • Providing customers with a true One Network experience across multiple product ranges
  • Global services and support from experienced partners with local touch


ZyXEL Hospitality Solution At-A-Glance 

Hospitality | ZyXEL

Benefits for Hospitality Businesses to deliver Internet Service

  • Create Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Revenue Opportunities
  • Increase Occupancy
  • Offer Robust Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve ROI

Benefits for Hospitality Resellers

  • The Hospitality market has a high growth potential 
  • ZyXEL offers complete hospitality solutions 
  • Potential new vertical market for resellers
  • Up selling opportunity due to an open architecture
  • Quick and easy Hotspot as “door opener” to attract new customers
  • Opportunities to add your own service offerings to the solution
  • Comprehensive training and marketing support by ZyXEL